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Coaching Tool Kit: Preseli Partnerships: Training Coaching Consultancy

Preseli offers its new e-learning interactive course to provide a tool kit for coaches who need to help their clients achieve real results that make the difference

We love coaching and we love training coaches

Every business makes something, that something can be anything from coffee, to cars, to decisions. A coach may seem to just make conversation – but it is a conversation that transforms performance. And coaches, like any other business need the right tools for the job.


Usually people have coaching when they are stuck or unsure of the next step.  Coaching is not about telling people what to do, but rather about using the right tools to help people to find their own answers; answers that work for them and the people important to them.


Coaches that enter into a coaching relationship without the appropriate tools and skills deny the client a precious opportunity to grow. Too many coaches rely too heavily on their own life experience, thinking they can tell people which way is best. While experience is vital to build empathy and share insight, it is only half the story.


You can give directions along the way if you know the territory, but directions are no good when people don’t know where they want to go. What do you do when the client changes their plans and wants to stay where they are? How can you help when their inspiration runs dry? How do you help them when they want to do one thing and their partner wants to do another thing?


At Preseli we make tools for coaches to enable them to work effectively with teams and individuals to generate, shape, plan and deliver change. Change that makes the difference to their lives, their businesses and their communities.


So what does your package involve?

Professional Development through Coaching

  • We work with you as an individual to make sure you feel ready to work with your clients.
  • We will help you shape your professional offering.
  • We will design with you a road map to ensure that the individual, specialist skills that you bring are embedded in your journey.

Access to Eli – Our E-Learning Interactive website

  • You will have access to our comprehensive online training course to prepare you to be enterprising in your coaching activities, containing around 20 hours of guided learning through:
      • Worksheets and exercises to download for your use
      • 19 video trainings divided into easily digestible sections
      • An online forum to share your work with your tutor, learn with others (if learning in a team) and record your progress
      • Tips for working with worksheets using online tools – no printing!

  • You will develop skills in creative thinking, problem solving and getting things done
  • You will learn how to guide other people in making their projects, dreams or ideas come to life.

Essential insight into Entrepreneurship

  • You will explore, understand and develop your own entrepreneurial mindset using the Entrepreneur Scan.

  • We’ll show you how to harness the necessary capabilities a self starter needs to make things happen in the world.

  • You’ll discover tools to help you develop, both in yourself and in other people, useful states of mind and approaches that can drive entrepreneurial growth when things need an extra push.

Powerful tools and support material

  • Finally, you will have access to the STORM Process Manual.  Packed with insights and practical exercises, you’ll discover why the method is so effective, and have a valuable resource to refer to when you or client aren’t sure where to turn.

Candidates who complete the course can apply to be a licensed STORM Coach as an associate of Preseli Partnerships Ltd. Completion is a requirement for application, but not a guarantee of acceptance.

“After this I’ll either sign you off as a STORM coach, or I’ll be able to agree with you a plan of action to get you there.” – Andrew Tilling

Ready to sign up?

Twelve months access to our online course is £499

Entrepreneur Scan £80

The STORM Process Manual £40

5 Hours of Coaching with Andrew Tilling £375

Total: £994

Discounted to £499 for our early adoptors!

You can start your course anytime, although coaching sessions are by appointment only.
To register, please send an email to andrew@preseli.eu

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