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The Challenge of Graduating : Preseli Partnerships: Training Coaching Consultancy

The Challenge of Graduating

Students that are not graduating cost your university money, time and resources. These students are the ones who are:

At risk of failing
Unsure of their direction
Stalled with their studies
Unable to complete their course

A proportion of these students do respond well to intervention and guidance. The ones that don’t are often difficult to deal with. When these students fail to respond to the usual intervention and guidance it can be difficult to know what to do. People run out of ideas and the students often become even more demotivated. Staff members become frustrated with a lack of progress and general participation. No-one is happy and time, energy and talent is wasted.

We can turn this situation around; we know why most students in this group behave the way they do, and we know what to do about it.

Our programme show them ways to think about and evaluate their choices and explore solutions. It gives them the opportunity to gain much needed insight about themselves and they’ll learn the know-how and skills they need to connect to their sense of motivation and get moving again.
The course is full of exercises and worksheets, enabling people to get their thinking out of their heads and onto paper. Participants will learn how to evaluate, and understand their choices and will gain clarity about their situation.
This is a comprehensive intervention designed to bring about long-term change for the course participants.

Back on Track is available as an intensive over 2 full days or as weekly sessions of 3 hours over 5 weeks.
We don’t promise that everyone will change, but we do promise that most will. It’s what we are good at and we’ll back it up with a guarantee.

Please contact Russell in the Netherlands, or Andrew in the UK, to find out more about our ‘Back on Track’ course and we’ll answer any questions you have about our course, or to talk about our guarantee.

06 44559703


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