An Innovation for Innovation

We have been working with The University for the Creative arts (UCA) and the University of Surrey for the past 3 years providing workshops and training for students involved with UCA’s Annual Creative Innovation Award: Ur Idea. Ur World Competition.
We also deliver workshops to Surrey Entrepreneurs at the University of Surrey.

Our workshops and training focus on soft skills such as:

How to prepare a pitch and deliver it effectively
Understanding and creating partnerships
Creative thinking and problem solving

The courses are well received by students, here is a selection of recent testimonials.

“The workshop can help you build a system/process to solve problems, you can see the key issues and from different views. Helpful and useful!”

“It helps you tackle your product in different ways. A helpful technique which I can apply to other areas of my life. Thank you.”

“It would be helpful to use a technique like the one today in all creative projects and to relate to university coursework. Thank you.”

“The workshop was very down to earth and provided practical solutions and ways of thinking toward problems that you may come across. Very engaging and motivating.”

“It was a very enthusiastic and constructive session that has helped me get out of the “stuck” phase. Highly recommended.”

We are the experts in soft skills development. Our workshops and courses are highly effective helping students apply the knowledge they have.  By teaching skills like communication, leadership and self management, (skills that are not usually taught as part of academic courses)  we can help them to go further by giving young people the resourses they need to become effective, confident entrepreneurs.


We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, send us an email or give us a call and we’ll tell you more about our approach.


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