In education it happens that less academic skills can be overlooked. Many students, who have not had sufficient development in soft skills such as communication, time management and creative thinking, find it difficult to finish their degree, let alone make satisfactory plans for gaining employment after graduation.

We provide workshops and coaching services that run alongside your established courses that improve the confidence and employability of your future alumni, and ignite their passion for proactive, self-directed learning.

Our programs can be especially useful for those students who are considering a less conventional career path, such as entrepreneurship, or those who are struggling with motivation to complete their course.
We can work within established programs or develop tailored made activities such as competitions and workshops. Our courses maintain a balance between inspiring input and practical learning-by-doing activities that produce immediate, long lasting results for the student, and your university.
You can find more information about the specific work we have been doing by clicking on the links below.

An Innovation for Innovation Helping entrepreneurial students develop their ideas.
The Challenge of Graduating Our proven intervention to increase motivation for students that don’t, can’t or won’t graduate.

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