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For Business: Preseli Partnerships: Training Coaching Consultancy

People make projects happen.
People working well together, communicating effectively and engaging in work that they value, creates highly successful, and more profitable, business outcomes. Our workshops improve the interpersonal and soft skills of your employees. In other words we show them ways to be better at what they already do. These skills such as team work, communication and problem solving are vital in a business environment and are the ones that traditionally are difficult to improve.

Our approach is innovative and is proven to be highly effective at structuring group processes, as well as improving individual skills. We maintain a balance between inspiring input and practical learning exercises and our workshops are full of interaction and learning-by-doing, enabling your team to see the benefits immediately.

Our services, when used in line with your key performance indicators, produce tangible results. Your employees will be able to utilise their own, and other people’s, technical skills more effectively, to approach challenges using a shared language and will have the tools they need to maintain that effectiveness in the long term.

Soft skills development workshops

This is a list of some of the workshops we have delivered for our partners. Workshops are available as two hour introductory workshops, a full day skills building workshop or as elements of a tailored training package.
Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

1. Problem solving/ Solution Finding

A completely new way of approaching a brainstorming session.
If your last brainstorming session failed to produce anything worthwhile then this will show you a better way. Your team will learn a fast and practical way to solve problems, generate solutions and find the best right answer.

2. Vision building

Vision building is all about communicating shared goals; making sure that everyone is facing in the same direction. We demonstrate a way that allows everyone to express their ideas, insights and desires fully understanding where they are individually and collectively. This enables people to find common ground to articulate their vision.
The result is an inclusive and inspiring vision that feels authentic and increases motivation and clarity. It can also provide a sense of coherence and connection within a team.

3. Situational analysis

Our situational analysis workshop will leave your team with a much clearer understanding of the resources that are available, where the current trajectory is leading and a deeper insight into who is affected by your activities, and what that means to them and to you.
Your team will have a much clearer understanding of what they have to work with, what is underdeveloped and what needs to be dropped or postponed.
This workshop will shift the focus of a team into and awareness of ‘what is possible now’.

4. The Idea Generator

This workshop demonstrates why relevant ideas only happen when you are in the right state of mind, a state that we call ‘Creative Intention’. If you don’t get this setting right, it can often be difficult and painful to generate any idea, let alone one that is useful. Generating ideas is about volume (more is better), flow (keeping them coming) and accepting (not judging). We explain why evaluating ideas kills the flow of ideas, and why the necessary activity of evaluation needs to be kept separate from the activity of generation. The half-day course focuses on generation, the full day introduces some aspects of evaluation.
This workshop is useful if you are currently stuck for ideas or want to explore new ground. It is a fun and valuable day that will show your team a better way to tap into their creativity.

5. Stakeholder profiling

Who are your stakeholders? What do they want? Where have they come from and where are they going? What do you mean by a Stakeholder?
We answer these questions by taking your team through a structured process, evaluating everybody who is affected by your activity. We look at how stakeholders help or hinder you, whether their activities will have consequences for you, what they want and what you know about them.
This information leads to interesting and valuable insights regarding the different ways your organisation and its activities depend upon others, and how they depend on you.
Your team will get a better understanding of the effects of your business leading to better, more inclusive, decisions and planning.

6. Keeping cool under pressure

If things have a tendency to fly apart when the stress builds then these tools will get things back on an even keel.
A great deal can be completed in a short space of time if your team has the necessary skills to turn high pressure situations from problems into opportunities.
Your team will practice exercises that will show them what to do, how to focus and how to find their balance. These skills can be learned easily, implemented quickly and yield results immediately. Even an imperfect run-through of the main exercise of this workshop will temporarily lower someones stress level. Less stress equals less panic which leads to more focus on the important task at hand.

7. Path finding

When you know where you are and you know where you want to be, then the path between them becomes clear. We often forget that the first right answer isn’t always the best right answer and this workshop enables your team to explore different paths. This approach will give them more information about what the day to day realities of their choices will be and it will become clear which path is most right, and what events and situations to expect along the way.

8. Pitch building.

This workshop has two parts. How to build a pitch and how to pitch a pitch.
Essentially all business concerns itself with selling or communicating something to someone. It can be idea, a product, a new approach or simply information. Communicating effectively will give you the best chance of success.
A great pitch begins by being clear about what to say. We take your team through a model enabling you to understand who you are selling to, and how to tailor your pitch for that specific audience. Then we show you how to deliver it.
Our approach doubled revenue for a fundraising organisation from 13  to 27 million pounds in a twelve month period.

9. Confidence building

This workshop will be of huge benefit to those whose confidence levels are not as high as they wish they were. Participants will learn and practice a fast, effectual and meaningful way to step into a confident emotional state. They will also learn how to deal with any anxieties they may have, from ‘butterflies’ all the way up to full blown panic.
Learn how to improve your confidence, turn it on when you need it most and do what you need to do.

10. Presentation skills

Some people are natural presenters, most are not, but presentation skills can be learned easily and swiftly.
Getting and holding the attention of a group is not hard if you approach it correctly and our content can be tailored to the needs of the group. If you have a group that has confidence issues, this is where the focus will be. If your group needs to add a little ‘zing’ then this is what we will focus on.
We show people how to feel comfortable being visible in front of a group and how to deliver content that is authentic and interesting, you’ll be amazed at the change.

11. Teamwork skills

We show you how to create synergy in a team. We can work with your team directly or with your supervisors/ managers. A team that works well together can produce wonders, and we know how to make teams work.

See something you like but want to find out more? Drop us a line.

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