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Preseli Partnerships: Training Coaching Consultancy

Innovation with Preseli


Preseli were delighted to announce their role as both sponsor and training partner for the Creative Challenge 2011/12. Andrew Tilling spent October travelling Surrey and Kent providing workshops in the five campuses of UCA. Focusing on innovation, the workshops reached over 500 students across a wealth of creative disciplines. The students were led through Preseli’s own methodology to create inspiring, innovative ideas that can work in the real world. In less than an hour, a whole host of viable ideas were generated that, with investment and further development, could make a difference in the world.

Keep an eye on the Creative Challenge to see what emerges in the course of the programme.


Pitching with Preseli


The T&R Pitching Competition offers student members of Surrey Entrepreneurs the chance to gain up to £10,000 of investment for their business ideas. Preseli created a specially designed series of enterprise skills workshops amounting to just 24 hours of training. Dubbed ’24hr Entrepreneur’ students with no business experience learned how to identify a business need, develop an idea and prepare their presentations for a panel of investors. Congratulations to workshop participants ‘Blue Elephant’ who secured enough funds to launch their frozen yoghurt business next year!
More on universities partnering with Preseli


Team Coaching with Preseli


In August Preseli launched our new ‘Team Coaching’ services, providing regular support to online inspirational video producers, FidgitBox. This talented young team are establishing themselves as a provider of regular, quality shorts that provide an insight into the lives of creative, entrepreneurial people. Preseli meet with FidgitBox monthly to develop skills and use creative thinking to find innovative solutions to challenges.


More on Team Coaching with Preseli


Coaching with Preseli


As part of our sponsorship of the Creative Challenge, and our commitment to making the difference in our community, Preseli were able to offer free coaching in July to social enterprise start-ups in the South East. Among our clients we are proud to include Addicts4Addicts founder Penny Snowball, who’s work on the innovative provision of support services to people in recovery by people in recovery is gaining support both in the community and in Westminster. The project is currently seeking funding as is raising awareness through a powerful series of documentaries called ‘In search of my mental health.’


More on coaching with Preseli


Enterprise with Preseli


In June, Andrew led enterprise workshops on networking for the Enterprise Summer School in Farnham Castle and on pitching and presentation for Creative Challenge finalists. Our work for the Creative Challenge culminated in an award ceremony held in London at BFI on the south bank. The ten finalists were joined by business leaders from the creative industries. Keynote speakers Parminder Vir and Wayne Hemingway offered words of wisdom to the winners and emphasised the value of creatives in industry today.

Creative Challenge: One Word Video



Action Learning with Preseli


In May in was sad to see the end of our funded work with creative / social entrepreneurs in Surrey. Our group was celebrated as a model of excellence within the Communication4Action network for our outstanding results with the participants.

This video shows in depth how Action Learning made the difference for our participants and how they in turn are making the difference for their clients.

Putting Impact into Words


Capacity Building with Preseli


In April we focused on building our own skill set and capacity, so we can more effectively help organisations to build their own.
  • Andrew Tilling won a bursary from SE2 to train and register with SFEDI as an enterprise coach.
  • We expanded our network of trained coaches to enable us to take on much larger projects.


Entrepreneurs with Preseli


The thriving student-led entrepreneurs society at the University of Surrey invited Preseli to run a series of workshops based on The STORM Process for undergraduates. Russell Tongue and Andrew Tilling led the workshops, challenging students to develop businesses that were in line with their own sense of purpose. We encouraged participants to think in terms of the triple bottom line; people, planet and profit.  You can watch their response here:

Entrepreneurs skills training with Preseli- VIDEO




Change for Preseli - February


It was all change for us come February as we moved our base to Kew, enabling us to serve both London and the South East more effectively, and launched our new look website, accessed through www.preseli.info.

In addition to enabling our friends to stay in touch with occasional mailings, we have also produced a new twitter feed @preseliinfo as well, which we use to tweet insights that make the difference for participants on our training courses and workshops.





Consultancy with Preseli - January


January meant new beginnings for The Barn in Farnham as we delivered our government backed ‘Challenge Fund’ consultancy services. The Preseli team used The STORM Process with Director Marios Panteli to help this Social Enterprise deal with challenges threatening its future. Since our intervention The Barn is back on track and providing regular employment and partnershipping opportunities for the creative arts community.

They also serve outstanding chocolate brownies.

More about Preseli consultants

More about Preseli’s work with the Barn