Russell Tongue

Russell has been coaching people one-to-one for almost 20 years. He has a wealth of insights, information and practical solutions on which to draw.
He is a partner at Preseli and helps to define and shape the organisation, and its message.

His underlying philosophy is that solutions to any given issue or problem either exist, or are emerging as we understand the challenge better.

“Spending too much time concentrating on obstacles and problems can lead to hyper-tactical thinking and behaviour; a narrowing of focus.  When this happens it can be extremely valuable to define, understand and emotionally connect with the sense of the direction we want to take. What begins to emerge from this is a different approach. Sometimes this will involve straightforward problem solving, but more often than not it also becomes an opportunity to understand how you got to where you are and to clear away habits and behaviours that are no longer useful. This makes it much easier to find ways to connect what you really want with what you actually do.”

Russell has lived in the UK and New Zealand and is currently living in the Netherlands with his family. He has worked with children with aspergers syndrome, with adults with schizophrenia and is a qualified carpenter. Amongst other things he built a campervan on a 1968 Bedford J1 in 2 weeks, has renovated and sold houses, accidentally caught a 1.8m shark from an inflatable boat and enjoys boardgames.
He has a passion for books, travel, the environment, cooking and bright ideas.



[t] +316 44 55 97 03

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