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Working alone or in a team, The STORM Process will inspire you and motivate you. We take the very best in employability and enterprise development strategies and combine them in a powerful package to produce strong, measurable outcomes for you and your organisation. Outcomes that can have a major impact on the performance of you and people you work with.

We offer one-to-one professional development coaching,  project focused team-coaching within your organisation, and training consultancy to help you integrate The STORM Process into your established skills development programme.



What is The STORM Process?

The STORM Process is our comprehensive and highly effective training and coaching solution that gives people a rapid and efficient way to:

  • Think creatively
  • Solve problems
  • Get things done

We find this highly adaptable and empowering process effective across a broad range of challenges. It’s why we use it to add real drive to our own business.


Some people have a near continuous flow of fresh and new ideas. Most people don’t. Most people get stuck trying to come up with ideas that they feel are good enough.

STORM shows you how our creative thinking processes’ work, and the stages in developing an idea. We’ll show you how to generate ideas, how to develop them and then how to evaluate them. This is a shift in making your brain work for you rather that simply trying to think harder.

Problem Solving

If you have a problem you are supposed to be stuck. That is the nature of problems. Once you solve your problem it becomes a task. A thing to do.

Sometimes we are required to find a solution that simply doesn’t exist yet. At other times we need to reframe the problem and look at it in a different light.

This art of identifying what the problem really is, understanding the bigger picture and finding viable solutions to your problems is a mark of a personal mastery. It is a vital skill for people in positions of leadership. It takes a great deal of time, people and resources to make just a small change in the world. STORM helps us to recognise this reality, deal with our problems and find a way to reach our goals.

Getting Things Done

If you know where you want to go and can find the solutions you need to bring it about, you will have taken the first steps. You will also need commitment, motivation, staying power and emotional integrity to stay on target and deliver what’s needed to get the job done. Coming up with a great idea is dreaming, finding a way to make the idea possible is exercising your brain, getting it done is truly changing the world.

The STORM Process will show you how to:

  • Generate a flow of relevant and inspiring ideas
  • Bring other people behind your ideas
  • Access the three frames of mind most beneficial for creative problem solving
  • Ground your dreams into reality, step by step
  • Keep your focus in ever changing circumstances

What kind of things can I use The STORM Process for?

  • Dealing with a crisis situation
  • Getting things organised
  • Solving problems as they arise
  • Finding new creative and innovative ideas for projects
  • Running an effective brainstorming session
  • Managing periods of change

Call Andrew Tilling on 07724491331 to get things moving with your own training and coaching program in The STORM Process.

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