Everything is possible

Solutions abound. Opportunities are a dime a dozen, you can usually find several down the back of the sofa. Dreams and ideas dance around us like shining butterflies, or shoals of fish.

And then we say to ourselves, sometimes before we’ve even really noticed the idea, “It’s not possible.” Everything stops, creativity grinds to a halt, normal life is resumed.

If we don’t believe that anything is possible, then we can’t look at things in any other way than as problems, obstacles in our way or mountains to be climbed. At best we see them as a nice fantasy to while the time away, or as the idea that we will definitely implement tomorrow just before we slide into sleep.

However, when we know that anything is possible our outlook changes. Our creativity increases, our interest and enthusiasm rise. We begin to see that change can happen, that we can do the things we want. It doesn’t matter what that is: start a new business, move to a new country, grow tomatoes. When we know that anything is possible, suddenly everything becomes possible.

Possible is not the same as probable or even reasonable. Possible is knowing that it could happen. It allows our minds to take flight.
Possible allows us to dream, plan, solve, invent without being bothered by how likely something is to happen.

We will have to ground all this in reality sooner or later, but without cultivating the attitude that anything is possible, we will be stuck trying to improve what we have. And that is no way to solve a problem, change a situation or invent a new way to do things. If it was, we wouldn’t be stuck.

Try it out. The next time someone offers a solution that your initial response to is, “That won’t work. ” Ask yourself what would happen if it did.

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