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How to identify a target market

Two sentences I hear more than any other when working with innovators.

“There are no competitors for my idea”


“It’s suitable for everybody”

This is the point the klaxon sounds in my workshops, the lights flash red and I bring all discussions to a halt. Watch this 3 min video to find out how to solve this issue.




How to engage your audience in a pitch or presentation





Five minutes of valuable insight from our Wow Factory Training workshop. Discover how understanding values can have powerful effect on the outcome of your presentation or pitch.

This training is part of a workshop day we deliver to prepare new innovators to pitch to investors and determined teams to pitch to their boss.

Learn more about the Wow Factory Training in your organisation

Standing out from the competition

I received this tweet over the weekend:

@QRDSbiz: @andrewtilling Was great listening to you, Is there any tips you could provide so we can be unique to the competition?

@QRDSbiz are about to give a pitch to IBM. On the basis of five minutes a decision will be made as to whether this team will be working with an iconic organisation to get their ideas off the ground. What makes this opportunity all the more special is that these guys are not working from the Silicon Roundabout in London, this is a student team from Solihull college.
Solihull college’s entrepreneurship team are an impressive bunch. Sandy Chander, our FE specialist, and I went up to deliver a pitching and presentations workshop we call ‘The WOW Factory’ as part of our @StepUp4Skills program for further education. What impressed me is just how entrepreneurial the staff were to get these kind of opportunities available to their students. With budgets ‘reshaping’ and priorities shifting, it’s a challenge to get limited resources lined up in such a way as to inspire and engage the college, the external partners, the students, the guest trainers (yours truly) and any long suffering family members as you work late – again. Yet here we all were, creating an extraordinary opportunity for some young people to step up and turn an idea into reality.
So how do you not blow it? How can you be “unique to the competition?”
The answer is frustratingly simple. Be yourselves.
The competition can never be you as well as you can. Your passion and drive is unique to you. Your team’s shared vision is moving forward because of your team’s greatest asset: what happens when you all work together well. It’s why you are working together in the first place. It’s why you turned up. This makes you stand out. That ‘Why’ is precious, and like any asset, needs to be harnessed to maximise your return. Sure, your Y might not work with their X, and you might not get the chance to make something fantastic together. But at least you know that things were not compatible now, before failure becomes expensive later down the line. Gain feedback. Go tweak. Find other people with the ‘x’ you need. But it’s the why that gives your idea the wow factor. That’s why we call the workshop the Wow Factor’Y’.