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Latest News: Preseli Partnerships: Training Coaching Consultancy

Change for Preseli - February


It was all change for us come February as we moved our base to Kew, enabling us to serve both London and the South East more effectively, and launched our new look website, accessed through www.preseli.info.

In addition to enabling our friends to stay in touch with occasional mailings, we have also produced a new twitter feed @preseliinfo as well, which we use to tweet insights that make the difference for participants on our training courses and workshops.





Consultancy with Preseli - January


January meant new beginnings for The Barn in Farnham as we delivered our government backed ‘Challenge Fund’ consultancy services. The Preseli team used The STORM Process with Director Marios Panteli to help this Social Enterprise deal with challenges threatening its future. Since our intervention The Barn is back on track and providing regular employment and partnershipping opportunities for the creative arts community.

They also serve outstanding chocolate brownies.

More about Preseli consultants

More about Preseli’s work with the Barn





Brain Storming with Preseli


In September, Preseli marketing intern Sherif Nagdy proved instrumental in arranging an pioneering brain storm with UISA, the University Investment Societies Association. We used The STORM Process to bring together the presidents of a number of financial services focused societies to explore ways to develop employability skills for their members. The Preseli team were impressed by UISA’s united commitment to establishing their organisation on the basis of ethical and sustainable practise. Watch these emerging professionals closely in the years to come!

More on The STORM Process


Preseli Supporting Surrey Entrepreneurs

Preseli and Surrey Entrepreneurs are once again working together to provide workshops for students at the University of Surrey in Guildford. Entitled ‘The 24 Hour Entrepreneur‘ the workshops will help students to develop business ideas ready for pitching for real start up capital, in the form of a £10,000 grant provided by Transformers and Rectifiers.

Andrew Tilling Networking Workshop for Enterprise Summer School

After the success of last years workshops, Andrew Tilling is delighted to be working with this years new Surrey Entrepreneurs team. With their culture of creative, pro-active team work to make great things happen, the Preseli team are looking forward to engaging with the real businesses that will emerge from this innovative program.

Preseli Providing Team Coaching Support to Start-Ups

Preseli are now providing team coaching support to teams who know it is time to step up and make the difference in what they do. To celebrate the launch of this new service, Preseli Enterprise Coach Andrew Tilling will be delivering free coaching to three social enterprise start-ups over the coming months, helping them build their teams and create the dynamic that will see them survive and thrive in the first few years. If you feel you would value this kind of support, get in touch with Preseli to find out how to qualify.

Action Learning - Putting Impact into Words

This peer 2 peer group, working with creative businesses and social entrepreneurs, ran from July 2010 – April 2011 funded by SE2 and Capacity Builders. In this video, Alan Whitlock from Red Mason, Designer Rebecca Speculo, MA student Natasha Wozniak and Penny Snowball from Addicts4Addicts represent the Surrey Creative Artists Network and explain how Action Learning has helped their business grow.

If you can help us bring more Action Learning to the community, please contact facilitator Andrew Tilling from Preseli Partnerships.

Making an Impact for Entrepreneurship

Surrey Entrepreneurs have recently been the hosts for Preseli’s workshops on developing the soft skills people need to make a real difference as entrepreneurs. The workshops have featured topics such us ‘Finding your Purpose’, ‘Vision Building’, ‘Solution Finding in Teams’ and ‘Pitching and Presenting your Ideas to Win Support’. The workshops have made an immediate impact in the student entrepreneurs capacity to move their ideas forward using Preseli’s ‘STORM Process’. Here’s a blog post documenting the most recent workshop.


The Barn Survey

We want to hear from you!

We’re currently collecting the views of people who have made use of The Barn in Farnham as part of our Stakeholder analysis of the project.

If you know the project, and have some thoughts, ideas or comments, check out our anonymous online survey.

You can spend as much or as little time as you like!

Challenge Fund supports Preseli consultancy services for social enterprise

The Barn Creative Arts Club in Farnham has won funding to work with Preseli’s consultants as part of the Office of Civil Society Social Enterprise Challenge Fund. The funding, awarded through SE2 Partnership comes at a crucial time for The Barn. It will enable a complete assessment of the award winning project and the formulation of an action plan to improve income streams, provision of services and impact in the community.  The panel assembled by SE2 met on 18th November, National Social Enterprise Day, to assess applications from social enterprises amounting to twice the available funds. The panel recognised that The Barn’s proposal of working with Preseli, ‘supported an extremely worthwhile project and could really see the value and the impact it would have on the business, the beneficiaries and the local community.’

Surrey students beat business buffs using STORM

Students from the University of Surrey took on a group of the sharpest entrepreneurial brains in the county in a head to head challenge at the ‘Ideas Initiative’ last week. Organised by a group of leading Surrey businesses working alongside the University of Surrey, the challenge required the two teams to come up with a viable business solution to a mystery scenario in just a couple of hours. Unbeknownst to the business experts, who turned out to be great sports, the students from Surrey Entrepreneurs had a powerful creative thinking tool at the ready. A week before the event, Andrew Tilling from Preseli spent the afternoon training the team in ‘The STORM Process‘ to enable them to find innovative solutions more effectively.

‘The focus was on efficiency of thinking,’ said Andrew Tilling, ‘the workshop demonstrated ways to avoid the pitfalls of traditional brainstorming sessions. STORM helps people work as a team, frame their thinking and use their experience and resources in appropriate and relevant ways. By the end of the afternoon these bright students were coming up with realistic and innovative solutions to business challenges not over a week, or a few hours, but in just 15 mins flat.’

Andrew Tilling works through The STORM Process with students from Surrey Entrepreneurs

On the day of the challenge, the panel of dragons awarded the students higher marks owing to their team work and the genuine solutions they proposed. The business experts on the other hand focused more on highlighting problems than finding any new ideas. The students won by a considerable margin, which Cameron Wilson from Surrey Entrepreneurs put down to the help they received from Preseli. To find out how The STORM Process can make the difference in your organisation, contact Andrew Tilling.

A winning team (c)Sarangan Vigneswaran